Chronically vacant or underutilized contaminated land, commonly known as brownfields, contain pollutants from past industrial land uses. Comprehensive brownfield management has the potential to address many environmental, social, and economic problems in New York City.

Challenges & Opportunities

Brownfields heighten public exposure to environmental toxins, discourage development, and result in lost opportunities to create small businesses, new jobs, affordable housing, and open space in areas where these opportunities are needed most.


We aim to clean up contaminated land to eliminate exposure to environmental toxins and alleviate social inequality caused by disproportionately high occurrences of brownfields in low-income neighborhoods.

Accelerate cleanup of brownfields to improve public safety and encourage private investment in new development on brownfield sites.

Support community engagement by establishing additional place-based community brownfield planning areas.

Facilitate clean up of properties in 100-year floodplain to reduce environmental risks from storm surges.

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