Our Sustainable City
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Our Sustainable City


In 2015, New York City committed to becoming the most sustainable big city in the world and a global leader in the fight against climate change. We committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80 percent by 2050 (80×50); to having the cleanest air of any U.S. city; to achieving Zero Waste by 2030 (0x30); to investing in contaminated land remediation; and to ensuring all New Yorkers have better access to parks.

Despite the current lack of federal leadership, New York City stands by its commitments to ensure that people, economic development, and the environment all thrive together. And we are proud of the progress made to date: Our air and water are cleaner, our energy is greener, we are sending less waste to landfills, and more New Yorkers than ever before live within walking distance of a park. Furthermore, we’ve increased solar installations sixfold, invested nearly $500 million to improve the energy efficiency of the city’s more than
1 million buildings, offered training programs to advance green jobs, and became the first city in the U.S. to commit to the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement and divest from fossil fuels.

Becoming the most sustainable big city in the world is no easy task, but achieving this goal has real benefits for all New Yorkers. With more than $340 million invested in the City’s parks and streets, and over 620,000 trees and more than 5 million flowers planted, the city landscape is greener. Programs such as the NYC Clean Fleet initiative and the Retrofit Accelerator have helped the city’s air quality reach its cleanest levels in more than 50 years. The City’s brownfield cleanup and redevelopment programs have simultaneously improved the environment and the health of our neighborhoods, while catalyzing economic development. The New York Harbor is cleaner and healthier today than it has been in more than a century. And the City’s organics collection program, the largest program of its kind in the country, makes it easier for New Yorkers to do their part.

As New York City continues to grow, meeting our sustainability goals will become more challenging. No matter the obstacles, the City is committed to making New York the most sustainable big city in the world and will continue to expand upon and accelerate our existing initiatives to improve the quality of life for every New Yorker and to protect the planet.

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