Photograph of people walking on an NYC street.
New York City is a patchwork of distinct and diverse neighborhoods.

Our neighborhoods define our city but are facing many challenges. More than half of all renters are rent burdened, which means they often have little money left for immediate expenses such as health care and food, let alone longer-term financial investments. Many low-income communities of color continue to experience the effects of decades of underinvestment in quality public and community places.

We have built and preserved more affordable housing than ever before.

We are on track to build or preserve 300,000 units of affordable housing by 2026 — 100,000 more than initially planned. We passed the strongest laws in the nation to require permanently affordable units in areas rezoned for growth, removed barriers to building more housing, became the first city in the country to ensure anyone facing eviction in court has access to legal help, and made major commitments to providing housing and services to the most vulnerable New Yorkers. We are improving parks across the city, expanding funding to libraries, and making our communities safer.

Photograph of children at an NYC city park.
We will make New York City the safest big city in America.

We will ensure all New Yorkers have access to safe, secure, and affordable housing. We will continue to build more, protect tenants from harassment and displacement, and expand legal aid and programs to prevent homelessness. We will create quality open spaces that connect our homes and workplaces to parks and playgrounds and invest in low-income neighborhoods to support their rich cultural assets. We will continue to build on the success of Neighborhood Policing while advancing shared responsibility for community safety. And we will provide tools that enable communities to meaningfully participate in planning the future of their neighborhoods.

Every New Yorker deserves a safe and affordable place to live.

Our lives are better, and our social ties are stronger, when New Yorkers feel secure in their communities. But a thriving neighborhood requires more than just safe, affordable housing. Access to parks, community services, and diverse cultural amenities are all components of a healthy and meaningful life. By investing in all neighborhoods, we will ensure New York City remains a place where people of all incomes and backgrounds can call home.

Photograph of public housing in NYC.
Our commitment to Thriving Neighborhoods
  • Ensure all New Yorkers have access to safe, secure, and affordable housing
  • Ensure all New Yorkers have access to neighborhood open spaces and cultural resources
  • Advance shared responsibility for community safety and promote neighborhood policing
  • Promote place-based community planning and strategies
Want to help? Here’s what you can do
  1. Volunteer! Visit NYC Service to sign up.
  2. For a list of more ways you can get involved, visit “What You Can Do”
  3. Share your story of taking action on social media and tag us at #OneNYC