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New York City must modernize its core physical and digital infrastructure.

New York City’s critical infrastructure is essential to the smooth functioning of the city. Yet the delivery of essential services depends on infrastructure currently in need of investment and modern asset management. Our core infrastructure must be adapted for the 21st century as broadband internet access is foundational to economic inclusion and mobility, yet unreasonably high costs of service and uneven access exclude millions of New Yorkers. To meet the needs of a growing population and economy in the face of an ever-changing climate, we must fortify, upgrade, and modernize our infrastructure.

The City is making strategic improvements to key infrastructure networks.

The City has made significant investments in key infrastructure systems, addressing drainage issues in Southeast Queens and completing the last of the nine facilities envisioned in the long-term Solid Waste Management Plan. We have been repaving roads at an unprecedented pace and expanded NYC Ferry, which has served nearly 8 million riders since its 2017 launch. We created the NYC Cyber Command to improve cybersecurity and prevent future cyber risks. Meanwhile, we made improvements to the City’s delivery of capital projects to reduce project delays and cost overruns.

New York City will invest in reliable physical and digital infrastructure that is ready to meet the needs of a 21st century city.

We will improve our capital planning and delivery processes to accelerate upgrades to core infrastructure such as roads, water, sewers, parks, and libraries. We are working toward universal broadband to close the digital divide and improve digital literacy. And as we face new risks, the City will work to protect residents, businesses, and government agencies from cyberattacks, financial risks, and infectious diseases.

Resilient infrastructure is the foundation of a strong and fair city

Modernizing our infrastructure requires a commitment to data-driven capital planning that anticipates the needs of the future, while improving the capital delivery process to deliver more projects on time and on budget. We also need smart infrastructure that includes high-speed broadband and is able to properly mobilize and respond to any risk, whether it be cyberattacks, financial risks, or infectious disease. By fortifying and upgrading our critical infrastructure, we will ensure the reliable operations of the essential systems that keep our city and the region running.

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Our commitment to Modern Infrastructure
  1. Make forward-thinking investments in core physical infrastructure and hazard mitigation
  2. Improve digital infrastructure to meet the needs of the 21st century
  3. Implement best practices for asset maintenance and capital project delivery
Want to help? Here’s what you can do
  1. Volunteer! Visit NYC Service to sign up.
  2. For a list of more ways you can get involved, visit “What You Can Do”
  3. Share your story of taking action on social media and tag us at #OneNYC