All New Yorkers have the right to health care.

In many ways, New Yorkers have never been healthier. We live longer than residents of other big American cities. Yet there are large gaps in the health outcomes of different groups, especially across race and ethnicity, that are driven by differences in income, housing access, and education. Too many New Yorkers can’t get health services or don’t have health insurance. We want to achieve good health for all residents, no matter where they live or how much they earn.

New York City is addressing the health and mental health needs of all communities.

Every year we enroll more New Yorkers in health insurance so they can see doctors and get the care they need. We have reduced childhood lead exposure by 90 percent, and fewer children are going to the emergency department for asthma. ThriveNYC is working to ensure every New Yorker who needs mental health support has access to it. We are combating the opioid epidemic and improving health outcomes for mothers and babies — especially among women of color.

We will reduce differences in health outcomes.

New York City will guarantee high-quality, affordable, accessible care for all New Yorkers, and promote equity by tackling the health needs of vulnerable communities. We will make healthy choices easy and accessible to New Yorkers in all neighborhoods, and continue to create a safe and healthy environment for all by improving air and water quality, and improving access to open space. We will address the root causes of our health disparities, so all New Yorkers have an opportunity to live healthy lives.

Photograph of children playing basketball in a public park in NYC.
Good health is the foundation of a fair and equitable society.

By achieving health equity and eliminating racial and ethnic differences in health outcomes, we will enable all New Yorkers to lead longer, fuller lives, ensure economic security, and advance environmental justice. Our approach focuses health care on building healthy communities with improved environmental quality. Our goal is to achieve health equity among all New Yorkers, because health care is a human right, and good health is part of a strong and fair city.

Our commitment to a Healthy Lives
  • Guarantee high-quality, affordable, and accessible health care for all New Yorkers
  • Advance equity by addressing the health and mental health needs of all communities
  • Make healthy lifestyles easier in all neighborhoods
  • Design a physical environment that creates the conditions for health and well-being
Want to help? Here’s what you can do
  1. Volunteer! Visit NYC Service to sign up.
  2. For a list of more ways you can get involved, visit “What You Can Do”
  3. Share your story of taking action on social media and tag us at #OneNYC