Photograph of a man boarding a subway train in NYC.
New York City requires a reliable, safe, and sustainable transportation system.

New York City’s vast transit system has enabled our sustained growth, and allowed us to maintain a smaller per capita carbon footprint than any other big city in the United States. However, the declining reliability of our subways and bus systems poses serious threats to a city existentially reliant on public transit. With capacity already stretched thin on congested roads and subways, we must prioritize and invest in efficient and sustainable transportation modes: biking, walking, and mass transit.

The City is making our streets safer and expanding transportation options.

Through Vision Zero, we are improving the safety of our communities and have reduced traffic fatalities to their lowest levels since 1910. We launched the NYC Ferry system, added 244 miles of bike lanes, expanded Select Bus Service to serve an additional 300,000 riders a day, and reduced transit fares for low-income New Yorkers. We will work with the MTA to implement congestion pricing to fund the transit system and reduce congestion.

We will prioritize sustainable modes, eliminate traffic fatalities, and reduce traffic congestion.

We will support the MTA’s plan to modernize the subways and increase accessibility, and manage our streets to improve bus speeds by 25 percent. We will make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians, and improve accessibility and public spaces, including piloting pedestrian zones throughout the City. We will reduce congestion by managing demand on city streets through the implementation of congestion pricing in partnership with the MTA, prioritize curbs for strategic purposes, and enforce traffic laws. By enabling more reliable and efficient transportation, no New Yorker will need to rely on a car.

A growing population and thriving economy demand a world class transportation system.

Every day, millions of New Yorkers are on the move – commuting to their jobs, dropping kids off at school, visiting family and friends, or racing to the airport to catch a flight. To meet the demands of a growing population and a thriving economy, we will create a reliable, safe, and sustainable transportation system worthy of a global city in the 21st century.

Our commitment to Efficient Mobility
  1. Modernize New York City’s mass transit networks
  2. Ensure New York City’s street are safe and accessible
  3. Reduce congestion and emissions
  4. Strengthen connections to the region and the world

Here’s what you can do [links to Calls to Action]

Want to help? Here’s what you can do
  1. Volunteer! Visit NYC Service to sign up.
  2. For a list of more ways you can get involved, visit “What You Can Do”
  3. Share your story of taking action on social media and tag us at #OneNYC