Photograph of Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC.
Climate change is one of the greatest threats to New York City.

Burning fossil fuels is the single-largest cause of climate change. It is happening now and it will only get worse, with more intense heat, rising sea levels, and more extreme and frequent weather events. Climate change is a threat to our residents, our communities, our built environment, our livelihoods, and our quality of life. Lives are on the line, time is not on our side, and the future of our city is in jeopardy.

New York City is leading the fight against climate change.

Climate change is a national emergency without a national policy, but New York City is leading the way. We have committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and taken bold steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are also implementing a $20 billion resiliency strategy to protect our city and residents from the impacts of climate change. And we are taking the fight against climate change straight to the fossil fuel industry that caused the climate crisis in the first place.

We will lead a just transition to achieve carbon neutrality and adapt to climate change.

New York City will achieve carbon neutrality. We will transform our city, ending our reliance on fossil fuels, and electrifying the city with 100 percent clean electricity sources. We will invest in resiliency projects and programs that protect people and prioritize frontline communities. Our climate actions will create good-paying jobs for New Yorkers. And we will demand the costs be borne by those most responsible for our climate crisis, and the benefits shared, so no community is left behind.

Photograph of a climate change protest in NYC.
We must protect our future.

Failure to act would have devastating consequences for our city, particularly for our most vulnerable communities. By taking action to achieve a carbon neutral and climate resilient future, we will protect our city and residents, strengthen our economy, and serve as a positive example for other cities around the world. New York City’s climate action and activism can serve as a model for other global cities.

Photograph of people biking in NYC.
Our commitment to A Livable Climate
  • Achieve carbon neutrality and 100% clean electricity
  • Strengthen communities, buildings, infrastructure, and the waterfront to be more resilient
  • Create economic opportunities for all New Yorkers through climate action
  • Fight for climate accountability and justice
Want to help? Here’s what you can do
  1. Volunteer! Visit NYC Service to sign up.
  2. For a list of more ways you can get involved, visit “What You Can Do”
  3. Share your story of taking action on social media and tag us at #OneNYC